Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Our equipment leasing programs are a smart, cost-effective way to pursue your restaurant and business dreams. Leasing your equipment is ideal for any type of operation looking to expand their product lines and operations at a more affordable rate. Lease the restaurant equipment you need to make your business better than ever with Lane & McClain Distributors.

Offering both new and reconditioned equipment as part of our leasing program we want to provide operators with the best selection for their needs. We inspect all equipment as it comes in – new and refurbished, so you can rest assured that the machines we install will be up to the task and volume.

Availability will vary by product and/or location so please reach out to discuss the needs of you establishment.

A Creative Solution for New Restaurants or Expansions

  • Open and/or expand your restaurant while keeping a bulk of your capital free
  • Enjoy access to high-quality, best-in-class restaurant equipment
  • Deduct your lease payments on your taxes as an operating expense

Commercial Equipment Leasing is Cost-Effective

  • Low down payment
  • Low monthly fixed payments
  • Lease-to-own options available with our third-party financing partner

Leasing Your Restaurant Equipment is Convenient

  • Flexible leasing options
  • 24/7 service (for most locations) and proactive, preventative maintenance checks every respective service interval 
  • Optional, proactive service plan available for our third-party, lease-to-own program
  • One call to Lane & McClain is all it takes to get you started

Contact Us To Get Started!

Please contact John Matczynski at 214.748.7669 or fill out the form below!

Restaurant Equipment Leasing North Texas

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