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Flaker Ice Machine Line by Manitowoc

The flaker ice machine line by Manitowoc makes flake ice which is ideally suited for commercial presentation applications for supermarkets, restaurants, & more. Whether you are displaying fish, seafood, or produce, the Manitowoc Flaker Ice Machine is for you!

Flaker Ice Machine Models Available: RFS-0650, RFS-0300, RF-2300, RFS-1200, RS-1278C, RS-1279R, RFS-2378C, RFS-2379R, RF-0244, RF-0266, RF-0385, RF-0399, and the RF-0644.

Flaker ice machines are available to buy or lease (rent). We also have manuals, parts, and service available.

Model types include Undercounter models, Low Side/Rack models, Remote machines, and standalone flake ice makers.

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