Zummo Z14N Commercial Juicer Squeezes 11 Fruits/Min

Zummo Z14N Commercial Juicer

Z14 Nature is the most highly recommended option for businesses with high juice consumption. The capacity of its basket and of its peel containers provide it with great autonomy, a key factor for buffets, restaurants and the retail sector. Also available in varied configurations and larger capacities–contact your Lane and McClain sales representative for more information.

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Model Spec Sheets

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  • Model:Z14N | Type:Countertop Models

    Description: High Consumption Juicer

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Zummo Z40N Commercial Juicer
  • Model:Z40N Adapt

    Type:Countertop Models

    Desc:Mass Catering Juicer

Zummo Z06N Commercial Juicer
  • Model:Z06N

    Type:Countertop Models

    Desc:Most Versatile Juicer

Zummo Z1N Commercial Juicer
  • Model:Z1N

    Type:Countertop Models

    Desc:Smallest Commercial Juicer

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