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Our Employees


Alan Rubin


"The strength of our company is in the quality of our employees. It has never been better in my 20+ years at Lane & McClain and that makes it a pleasure to come to work each day."


Julie Rubin

Vice President

"One of my favorite parts about working here is the people. They are what make it fun and lively."


John Matczynski

Director of Sales

“The number one goal at Lane & McClain is our quality, not only our equipment but servicing you. It’s the people that make the company and we want to make it easy to do business with us.”


Angela Chester


"I enjoy working at Lane & McClain for the challenges and the ability to be a part of a growing company. The working relationships are awesome and it is a real joy to come to work every day."


Arlyn Fulton

Director Parts & Service

"The entire team at Lane & McClain has an in-depth understanding of how their daily efforts affect the customer, and each individual is committed to ensuring our service results in quality for both the clients and their customers."


Blair Hutchinson

National Accounts Coordinator

"My time here at Lane and McClain has been very fulfilling. My goal is to make their life easy so they can go back to running their business."


Rachel Thompson

Marketing Coordinator

“My time here at Lane & McClain has been full of excitement and each day brings about new hurdles as well as challenges. The number one goal I’ve set for myself is to make sure people walk out with a smile on their face.”


Steve Wehland

Sales Consultant

"I like working at Lane & McClain because the job and the work is interesting, challenging and rewarding. It's exciting to work with business owners and entrepreneurs looking to fill a void in the food service industry."

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