Double Sided Perfection

Double Sided Perfection

If you’re in the food industry, you’ve probably heard the name Taylor come up when talking about frozen items but, did you know they have a hot side as well? The Taylor Crown Series Clam Shell Grill is built to make grilling quick and easy for any commercial kitchen. How is it double sided perfection? That’s what we’re here to explain.

Unlike most commercial grills on the market, the Taylor Clam Shell Grill has a top platen as well. With the push of a button it comes down and a small gap will form between the two that you can adjust to better cook your items. This is done to not only cook whatever you want through perfectly without having to flip it over on the grill but also, it will save you time in the long run as well. No longer having to time out how long until you must flip something or coming in late, it will do it each time for you. Plus, in the event something became messy when you flipped it before, and food was wasted now you will also save because there will be less food waste. Cooking things faster, better, and in a smarter way it’s clear to see why we think of it as double-sided perfection.

If the Taylor Crown Series Clam Shell Grill has your attention or you’d be interested in testing it out in person, then we at Lane & McClain can help. With a test kitchen in our main offices in Dallas and El Paso, you can always bring in your own product to test out or we can provide product to test if you’d prefer. We also have a fully factory trained staff of talented technicians and vehicles fully stocked with parts and service technicians ready to go if you ever run into any issues in the future. Our number one goal at Lane & McClain is making it easy to do business with our customers and vendors.

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