Soft Serve isn't Ice Cream

Soft Serve isn't Ice Cream

Soft serve, though less than a century old, delivers that sweet nostalgic note. Most everyone has a memory of soft serve that speaks for itself, be it memories of summer time bliss or treating yourself to a sweet treat after a long day.

In recent years though, soft serve has become more prevalent in the restaurant industry. Pastry chefs can be expensive to hire or, you may lack the space to create such stunning after meal treats. Hand dipped ice cream makes for a great frozen treat but maintaining it can be difficult. It needs to be kept at a specific temperature to keep it frozen (-15 °C) but also soft enough to serve to customers. If your freezer ends up running into issues or stops working altogether, you can wave bye-bye as it melts. After all, ice cream isn’t soft serve.

"After all, ice cream isn’t soft serve."

The best part about soft serve is you can dress it up however you wish. Going for a classic flavor with your own base never hurts, but you could also mix it up. Create soft serve flavors that are unusual and unique which will attract curious customers or, dress it up with interesting side options. Maybe even both! There’s always the possibility of mixing it up more and changing the flavors based on seasonality or events. It’s easy enough to do and everything will always be consistent.

If you’ve got a packed restaurant and want an item that’s quick and easy to eat, then soft serve is just what you need. Almost anyone can pull a lever to fill a cup or cone with freshly churned dairy. Soft serve is a dish best served cold and not touching it soon after, you could be met with a big puddle of what could have been. With that in mind soft serve is great for getting customers in and out quickly and creating more space in your restaurant for those waiting and arriving.

At the end of the day, soft serve whips most of the competition away. Easy, efficient, and consistent what more could you look for in a treat? Dressing it up however you like, people will always be eager to take a bite as they hunger for that little bit of nostalgia. Buying any new machine can always be a bit of a risk but at the end of the day, how would you have gotten where you are without taking a few? Soft serve, it’s not ice cream.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Stay tuned for our next post about the differences between ice cream, yogurt, gelato, and soft serve. Thanks for reading!

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