Shake It Up With A Milkshake

Shake It Up With A Milkshake

Looking to shake things up for your business? Then a milkshake machine might be your solution. Perfect for crafting fun one-of-a-kind frozen treats or being an additional beverage to add to your menu, it’s all about how you mix it up. So, what makes a Taylor milkshake machine stand out among the rest? We’re here to give you the scoop.

Taylor brand milkshake machines are built to last. The Taylor Company is an industry innovator in the frozen beverage market so you can trust their machines are sturdy and well built. This also means they know what end product will be most appealing to consumers. Thick and rich with flavor, their milkshakes are sure to have people singing their praise. With automatic consistency controls, the viscosity of the product is continually measured so that the quality is always at its peak perfection. Plus, with single and multi-flavor options available for the machines you can have more than one flavor at a time available to your customers.

The best part of a Taylor milkshake machine is the Heat Treat option. A few of the milkshake machines have a chip installed turning it into a heat treat machine. What is heat treat? Heat treat means that the machine will take the leftover product from the day inside the machine and heat and cool it to maintain the dairy product to use for the next day. This will save your business from wasting product that you might have otherwise had to toss while not having to take the machine apart every night to clean but only once every 14 days.

Want to know even more about a Taylor milkshake machine or the heat treat option? We at Lane & McClain Distributors are more than happy to help answer any questions you might have as well as demonstrate how any of our products work in our demo kitchen. With a service department open 24/7 364 days a year, we are here for our customers and make it our mission to be. Give us a call at 214-748-7669.

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