What Makes Taylor Grills Easy To Use

What Makes Taylor Grills Easy To Use

When most people hear the word Taylor in the restaurant business, they usually jump right into thinking about soft serve. However, the Taylor brand offers a lot more than just that and one of those products happens to be one other than their Crown Series Grills. Ranging from one to three sides with clam shells, these grills are easier to use than others on the market. How? Allow us to explain.

Unlike other grills, Taylor Crown Series Grills are completely automatic meaning that you won’t be having to do all the work. Instead you can adjust how much of a gap between the clam shell and the grill you want to cook it to that perfect degree. Not only that, but because it has two-sided cooking capabilities with different temperature and time settings you can cook multiple items on different sides of the grill. For instance, you can have burgers cooking on one end and bacon on the other, saving you time and energy. To top it all off cleaning is just as easy as cooking when it comes to these grills. With built in sections at the sides to collect the grease, all you have to do is simply guide it that way and problem solved.

Just like Taylor, we at Lane & McClain Distributors strive for quality in both our products and service. Our mission is to make it easy to do business with us and to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and the care and service you receive from us. Choose Lane & McClain Distributors for all your Taylor and Grill needs.

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