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Neo by Lainox

Neo by Lainox

What a product that works as a blast chiller but also can aid in cooking? Then this is the perfect device for you!

Have you ever stopped to think for a moment that you wished a device in your kitchen would chill and cook a product? That this device could cook for 24 hours without needing a break? Then what you’re looking for is none other than the Neo by Lainox.

The Neo by Lainox has a lot to offer in terms of chilling. For example, it has blast chilling which ranges in temperature from 90 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius. Blast chilling creates a thermal shock in the core of food to help keep it fresh and preserve it for longer periods of time by killing off the proliferation of bacteria. This means your products will have a higher quality even after they thaw. By rapidly lowering the core temperature of any food with the formation of macro crystals, it will not damage the tissue or product. We’d call that a win.

Switching from chilling to cooking, the Neo by Lainox still has much to offer. There is a function called retarder proofing which is helpful in baking breads and other baked goods. Controlled proofing is used to help in locking in the moisture of the goods as well as keep the timing and temperature just right so they rise and cook the way you want. Temperature holding is another exclusive function the Neo by Lainox can offer. While it can cook food at low temperatures, it can also hold that temperature throughout the rest of the working day.

Overall, the Neo by Lainox simplifies the use of accessories and makes your life easier in the kitchen. That’s also one of the goals here at Lane & McClain, to make your life easier for your business. We strive to simplify your life by adding in the convince of our trained technician staff to be on call for you whenever you’re in need of service. So the next time you’re thinking about a new device, think the Neo by Lainox and let Lane & McClain help you.

Thank you for your time and hopefully you enjoyed this article! If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in the future, please leave it in the comments below. What baked good would you bake in the Neo?

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