Why Choose a Taylor Soft Serve Machine?

Why Choose a Taylor Soft Serve Machine?

With so many different soft serve machines, what makes The Taylor Company Equipment stand apart? There are a lot of benefits of having The Taylor Company Equipment in your restaurant. What are those reasons? Let’s dive right in.

For one thing, The Taylor Company has been around longer than most of their major competitors. Formed in 1926, The Taylor Company has continued to expand with time. Growing, as new innovations become available, The Taylor Company has a world of wisdom they can offer. After all, with age comes wisdom and they certainly have been there through the ages and withstood the test of time.

While founded in America, The Taylor Company can be found across the globe. Having locations in China and Italy, they expand their products as the demand for them grows. Why is it that they’re customer base is growing so rapidly in different parts of the world? Probably because our machines have so many different awards as well as outstanding customer service. One of the core values of The Taylor Company is their commitment to service excellence, something they strive for every day. On top of that, they also invest in being environmentally friendly and caring for the health and safety of their customers while maintaining the quality their machines are known for.

What makes their soft serve machines stand out from their competitors though? While they might not have been the first to invite certain designs or flavor combinations, The Taylor Company was built on Charles Taylor’s automatic batch ice cream machine. Soon after, Charles found themselves in the business of manufacturing the modern batch ice cream freezer. From that we lead into so many of the products we have today including our outstanding soft serve machines. That nostalgic frozen treat that runs through your memory runs through The Taylor Company’s veins since, after all, they’ve been in the ice cream business since the beginning.

The Taylor Company was built on Charles Taylor’s automatic batch ice cream machine.

Founded two decades after, Lane & McClain Distributors holds the same values as The Taylor Company. Our technicians have been honored with the Red Cape Award, a nationwide Taylor Company award that’s awarded for excellence in both customer service as well technical expertise. Doing their best every step of the way, Lane & McClain rises to meet each new challenge they’re faced with. Holding strong, Lane & McClain and The Taylor Company work hand in hand to make sure that you get the best quality service and equipment.

While the Taylor Company might not have been the first to invent the soft serve machine or the first to bring so many flavors into one machine, they have proven themselves time and time again. Together with Lane and McClain Distributors, always putting quality and service first, they are dedicated to their customers. For these reasons they have become recognized worldwide. The next time you think of buying a soft serve machine, remember the values The Taylor Company and Lane and McClain Distributors holds near and dear.

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