A Burst of Excitement with Flavor Burst and Taylor

A Burst of Excitement with Flavor Burst and Taylor

Are you looking for a burst of excitement? Something to make your Taylor soft serve pop? Maybe add a little bit of color to your day? Then what you’re looking for is Flavor Burst! Not only is it a delicious addition to your soft serve but it’s fun for all ages. What is Flavor Burst? Well let’s burst right into this flavorful topic!

Flavor Burst is a revolutionary system that’s designed to hook up to your current Taylor soft serve machine with ease. Crafted as a slim cabinet it stands next to your soft serve freezer or even on the ground next to the machine. So how do you dispense the flavor burst and know which flavor you’re getting? With the control touch pad of course! Plug in the flavor option or options you want and in no time, you’ll be topping off your Taylor soft serve with a fun new burst of flavor.

Dress it up in a myriad of blues or make it as colorful as you want.

Just how many flavors are there to choose from? The answer is 37! Starting with classic flavors like Chocolate or Strawberry and extending out to more unique flavors like Pumpkin Pie and Pina Colada, you can get a good variety going. Easily holding up to eight, one-gallon sized bags, you could have multiple flavors. Not only that but because you can have more than one flavor burst added to your Taylor soft serve at a time, you could have some fun combinations going. Maybe dress it up in a myriad of blues or make it as colorful as you want. Imagine what all you could do!

With so many flavors to choose from and how they add a highlight of color to any Taylor soft serve, custard, frozen yogurt, or ice cream flavor, both kids and adults will love it. Able to dress their frozen treat up however they like or in whatever colorful array they come up with, how could they not? It’s the perfect addition to entice any age into your store. Whether it be for the popping colors or just for the added burst of flavor.

Another bonus is all the flavor bags have a long shelf life and don’t need to be replaced weekly or even monthly, unless you’re out of course. They also don’t require any refrigeration, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up any needed fridge space. Overall, Flavor Burst has a lot to offer you and your business. Enticing people in with a colorful display only to find it adds a burst of fun to their frozen treat, it has the essence of excitement swirled into it.

It’s the perfect addition to entice any age into your store.

If Flavor Burst has peeked your interest, then you’ll be interested in knowing that Lane & McClain is the exclusive Texas dealer of it. With our great staff and talented technicians, we promise you’ll have a burst of fun with us. Our goals are always quality and making things as easy as possible on you, the customer. Want to see how Flavor Burst works and tastes in person, then schedule a demo with Lane & McClain today.

Thank you for your time and hopefully you enjoyed this article! If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in the future, please leave it in the comments below. Also, what flavor would you add to your frozen treat?

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