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Buying Refurbished Equipment and Who to Buy From

Buying Refurbished Equipment and Who to Buy From Why does it matter who you are buying used or refurbished equipment from? Overall, you will be getting the same equipment in the end, right? That is not always the case. It is important…
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Support Mom-and-Pop Businesses

Support Mom-and-Pop Businesses As the pandemic continues to affect the economy and the livelihood of most businesses, it is more important than ever to support your local mom-and-pop shops. What exactly is a mom-and-pop shop? It is a small…
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Blend Your Soft Serve With Flavor Blend

Blend Your Soft Serve With Flavor Blend Blend together different flavors and colors with Flavor Blend! Form colorful cones and cups with a rich, creamy texture with every pull. What else can Flavor Blend offer you? That is what we are…
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Concordia Xpress Touch is the Only Espresso Machine You Need

Concordia's Xpress Touch & Espresso Needs If coffee and espresso is your passion, then you want an espresso machine made by passionate coffee connoisseurs. That is what you will get when you have a Concordia Beverage System. Made by people…
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Coffee, Espresso, and Concordia

Coffee, Espresso & Concordia While the coffee and espresso market continue to become more saturated with new brands and machines, it becomes harder to tell which to pick. Sure, it is easier to lean towards cheaper units but aren’t you…
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Features Of A Taylor Grill

In the food industry, you need to be quick while also making sure your food is cooked through. To get the job done, you need equipment that can help speed up the process and save you time during the lunch rush. That’s where the Taylor Clam…
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Double Sided Perfection

If you’re in the food industry, you’ve probably heard the name Taylor come up when talking about frozen items but, did you know they have a hot side as well? The Taylor Crown Series Clam Shell Grill is built to make grilling quick and easy…
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Flavor Blended Beverages

Step up your frozen beverage game by adding Flavor Blend! Not just for soft serve treats, Flavor Blend can also be hooked up to your Taylor frozen beverage machine. Add multiple flavors to your blended beverages and just think of all the…
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What is Flavor Blend?

Want your soft serve to be more eye catching? How about the ability to add multiple flavors to your soft serve and blending them together all in the same cone or cup? Then what you’re looking for is Flavor Blend, a fun new way to enjoy…
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Soft Serve and Milkshakes Combined In One Machine!

Want to add a new treat to your menu but not sure what? Or maybe you’re looking to add both a beverage and dessert? Then the Taylor Company has you covered with their milkshake and soft serve combination machine! What are the benefits of…
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Why Pick Taylor For Your Frozen Beverage Needs?

One product that’s perfect all year round is a frozen beverage. They are perfect for offering limited time promotional drinks, or just mixing up the beverages seasonally. You have also got the option to keep things consistent too. Fitting…
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Shake It Up With A Milkshake

Looking to shake things up for your business? Then a milkshake machine might be your solution. Perfect for crafting fun one-of-a-kind frozen treats or being an additional beverage to add to your menu, it’s all about how you mix it up. So,…
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Spring for Smoothies

If you’re looking for something fresh for your business, then you might be looking for a smoothie machine. Perfect for drumming up new business, a smoothie machines adds a lot of variety and options you might not have offered before. They…
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Taylor Grills Are Smarter

Looking for a grill that’s a game changer? One that has parameters built into it to make sure that each and every patty or anything you’re cooking is cooked all the way through? Then what you want is a grill with smarts and our Taylor Crown…
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Taylor Grills Are Speed Machines

In the grilling world, speed is one of the key things. A grill that takes forever to cook something isn’t worth anyone’s time as it holds up orders and lines. In that case, a Taylor grill might be the solution to your problem as these grills…
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What Makes Taylor Grills Easy To Use

When most people hear the word Taylor in the restaurant business, they usually jump right into thinking about soft serve. However, the Taylor brand offers a lot more than just that and one of those products happens to be one other than…
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Why Choose a Taylor Soft Serve Machine?

With so many different soft serve machines, what makes The Taylor Company Equipment stand apart? There are a lot of benefits of having The Taylor Company Equipment in your restaurant. What are those reasons? Let’s dive right in.For one…
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A Burst of Excitement with Flavor Burst and Taylor

Are you looking for a burst of excitement? Something to make your Taylor soft serve pop? Maybe add a little bit of color to your day? Then what you’re looking for is Flavor Burst! Not only is it a delicious addition to your soft serve but…
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Coffee and Soft Serve: A Perfect Combo

You know what’s better than soft serve? Coffee and soft serve. We know it sounds a little strange but there are a lot of benefits to pairing the two. What are those benefits you might be asking? Well, lets dive right into this hot topic…
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What's The Difference?

What’s the difference? Ice cream, soft serve, gelato, and frozen yogurt have so many differences and yet, we’ve heard so many people say that exact phrase in passing. So, what is different about each one? What makes each stand out on their…
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Soft Serve isn't Ice Cream

Soft serve, though less than a century old, delivers that sweet nostalgic note. Most everyone has a memory of soft serve that speaks for itself, be it memories of summer time bliss or treating yourself to a sweet treat after a long day. In…
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